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Jahvel P.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Working on being one of the best artist around, and to become a pro to get my dream job as a Concept artist/ Illustrator. More serious work coming soon. I'm a 20 year old artist in progress.


The Twins
These titanic savages have long enough evaded their prior captors eye. Eight feet tall, four hundred pound behemoths with the physique of olympic sprinters. Their entire form is composed of dense sinew like muscles encased in a self sustaining suit of armour granting unparalleled strength, agility, and durability. They are trained to fight as one unit and will utilize their environment with maximum efficiency.

They were always hard pressed to take up firearms, but do not misinterpret this as a sign of heavy hearts or combatant's honor. They live for the thrill of killing. They tend toward melee combat, and are known for tearing their enemies to pieces with their bare hands and for when it suits them their throwing arms will make red mist of any distant foe.

You will not succeed in taking these creatures down if you treat them as you have others. They are far too intelligent to be picked off one at a time. If you engage them, you will engage them both at once. They are linked to each-other through transmitted thought and no longer have mouths with which to converse with you. Your only advantage is the knowledge that they will not back down from a fight. Engage them on your own terms.


I had an idea that because they've been out in the wild doing their own thing for so long that, even though their suits are very advanced pieces of technology, they're starting to show signs of wear. With no upkeep save what they can do themselves their suits are essentially falling apart; leaking black gooey fluids from the seams where previously there had been air tight seals. Because the suits and their helmets are mounted upon their skeletons, they do not eat or excrete the same way regular people do, maybe they have something in their suit that generates energy from gasses in the atmosphere or something and the used up material exits through tiny vents all throughout their shells but those vents have long since stopped working and so now it builds up and leaks through the expired seams.

Their exterior color is enamel white by default but has become a shade of beige from exposure to the elements. Originally their suits could darken and shift color as camouflage, but that feature has also been lost to time.

Their deteriorating appearance reflects their descent into savage barbarism.


Uhg, I've been fiddling with this picture for about the last 5 months on and off. It's been about 75% done since february but i just could not get it the way I wanted. I'm pretty happy how it's turned out though there are still a lot of little things that really bug me. Had I planned better from the start, I could have saved a lot of wasted time and headaches.


i've had these characters in mind for years but never drew them. Phew glad that's done.

*Edit* Forgot to add shadows to things and forgot to erase my vanishing point. Will fix.
Face Practice 2
I Think I got better from the last one I did. Started in greyscale

Done in Photoshop CS6

10 hours
Wow... I still haven't decided to an official style to my art. The latest on I've done with OK I guess, but I still see mistakes. Might aim for a more semi-realistic style. That is all!
Umbrella future
A girl with her robot dog several hundred years in the future in a self contained environment on a ship. A long and great journey to a new home planet. This one took a LONG time to finish, I'm not %100 satisfied with the end result because come on I still have plenty to learn to get better. Hope you like it! I am a dummy! 

Created in Photoshop CS6.

about 40+ hours
Currently painting and learning as I go In Photoshop. Right now I'm saving up for my own computer including a better Wacom tablet so I can make art Faster. Stay stunned watchers!
Still working on my second painting,It's going to be spectacular. If you're just visiting my profile and it looks a bit empty, I just started making good art work! Add me on your watch list if you want, no pressure.


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